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A Symposium on Privacy and Security: UCLA Joins the National Debate

UCLA Symposium sponsors poster - thumbnail jpgUCLA Symposium flyer - thumbnail jpgOn April 25, 2014, the UCLA School of Law, Department of Political Science, and Office of Information Technology cosponsored the daylong Symposium on Privacy and Security (#uclaprivacysym). Bringing together three panels of thought leaders to discuss privacy, security, terrorism, and civil liberties, the event was the brainchild of Cindy Lebow in PoliSci. The terrific and apt artwork are the creations of Kelly Arruda.

Here are the program and the speaker bios.

Video from the event is available through this YouTube playlist. Individual video segments and non-streaming mp3 audio files are also available (audio files available on a pilot basis at this time):

Opening remarks Jeffrey Lewis, Jim Davis video audio
What is privacy and does it matter any more? Panel 1: Kent Wada, Adam Moore, Bruce Fein, Julia Angwin video audio
Can we be safe without sacrificing civil liberties? Keynote: Cindy Cohn, Electronic Frontier Foundation video audio
Defining the threat, fighting terrorism Panel 2: Cynthia C. Lebow, Henry Willis, Mike German video audio
War and Liberty – Civil liberties in perilous times Panel 3: Katherine Stern, Chris Edelson, Salam Al-Marayati video audio
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